Life with Teens

Life with Teens

Life with Teens

When your Teen Hurts You;

Coping with Put-Downs

Be patient – Fluctuating moods and emotions are normal. Their anger flares abruptly, but about age 18 they have begun to integrate their parent’s values with their own value system.

Avoid Pointless Battles – If your teen rolls his eyes at the Sunday dinner you spent hours preparing, don’t lecture him on its nutritional merits. The real issue isn’t your cooking but your teen’s right to his own preferences.

Stand Your Ground – Be consistent and stable.  Your teen may think that your wardrobe is stuck in a time warp, but you won’t win any praise by switching to the latest fads. Just tell them you prefer to wear what is comfortable, and she is free to do the same.

Be Willing to Compromise – If both parties move a little, some common ground can make everyone happy. (i.e. on an outing, less museum time, more shopping time.)

Share Your Feelings with your spouse or another parent of teens. Join an understanding friend for a cup of coffee, ask your parents how they navigated your adolescence, find a support group for parents of teens.

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