Parenting Workshops at School

School Success starts at Home!

Invite your school’s parent community to join you in promoting success at school – host a parent workshop at your school. Parents will have the opportunity to meet school staff and other parents, and are more likely to get involved in their child’s learning. Parents will learn techniques to help with communication, cooperation, health and well-being.

Parent Education Network presents workshops to parent groups at elementary and secondary schools, and also to community, workplace and church groups. Workshops can be tailored to parents with young children, tweens or teens.

All of our parenting classes can be presented in schools (see descriptions). Popular topics are How to Talk so Kids will Listen, Positive Discipline, & Homework Strategies. Contact us for more details.

Positive Discipline/Positive Parenting

Each stage has its challenges. Learn how to help your child develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation & problem-solving skills.

How to Talk so Kids will Listen; How to Listen so Kids will Talk


  • How to listen to, and understand your child’s concerns
  • How to have cooperation without nagging
  • Find alternatives to punishment
  • Help your child attain a positive self-image

Homework Strategies and Study Skills

Where’s the boundary between helping and doing it? Learn how to tame the homework monster.

Strategies to Help Students without Focus

Learn to help your kids break down tasks into manageable bites.

Preparing Your Child for JK

  •  How to prepare a child for JK by reinforcing basic skills in reading, numbers, and toilet training
  •  Description of children’s “ages & stages” to insure an understanding of the levels of physical and intellectual maturity and behaviour
  •  How to “Play and Learn” in a variety of ways throughout the day as an opportunity to practice and improve skills

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We use the word “parents” to refer to all adults who contribute to the teaching, care, and raising of children. This includes guardians, teachers, coaches, grandparents, stepparents, caregivers, tutors, babysitters, lunchroom assistants, etc.