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The Components of Self-Esteem


Children’s self-esteem can fluctuate because may things can affect it. For tweens, this pyramid is a nice, neat way of looking at those components. Garber, Garber and Spizman’s Self-Esteem Pyramid Peer Influence Parental Feedback Real Accomplishments Unconditional Positive Regard   We show unconditional love and acceptance and build the foundation of our children’s self-worth when View Post

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Use Encouragement instead of Praise and Rewards

Encouraged Kids are Successful Kids

“Children need encouragement like a plant needs water” (Rudolph Dreikers, an Adlerian psychologist and author of Children: The Challenge) Encouragement lets kids know they are loved and are good enough, just the way they are. It teaches children that they are separate from their actions and behaviours. It lets them know they are valued without View Post

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