‘8 Building Blocks to Good Communication’


  1. Instead of nagging… notice
    “I see someone still in their pajamas.”
    “The bathroom light’s on.”
  2. Give information
    “It’s 5 minutes to breakfast.”
    “The weather report is calling for rain today.”
  3. Pose a Question
    “Is there anything you have left to do before we go?”
    “Ok, you forgot your book. How do you want to handle that?”
    “What can you do to help get us out on time today?”
  4. Write a note
    A sticky note on the mirror:
    “Please brush me! Thanks your teeth.J”
  5. Talk about your feelings
    “I’m starting to feel anxious about the time.”
    “It feels great to get out of the house on time today. Thanks for helping make it happen.”
  6. Say it with a word
  7. Tell the child what you’ll be doing, not what they will be doing
    “I’m getting dressed and going downstairs for breakfast.”
    “I’m happy to pack lunchboxes once they’ve been cleaned out.”
    “I’m getting my coat and heading to the car.”
  8. Encourage the ‘needs of the situation’
    “We’re out of the house on time. Now none of us will be late today!”
    “I’ve noticed that the lights are being turned off more these days. That’s going to really help our electrical bill.”

Ramp up your success rate by incorporating this attitude:

  • We’re a team here and can work this out
  • Deliver your messages in a non-blameful way
  • Remain calm or remove yourself if you’re not
  • Be quiet after you speak. Give the child room to respond. The goal is that they tell themselves what to do!
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