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Communication Tips: Listening

How does your family communicate?

How does your family communicate? Families communicate in many different ways, some helpful, some not so much. Consider how you as a parent communicate with your children. What you do sets the example for how your children behave. Change what you do, and your children will likely change how they respond to you.    Communication View Post

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Kind and Firm Parenting


Many parents are plagued with guilt. That’s because they are either too controlling (“I’m the Boss”) or too permissive (“Call me Milquetoast”). Some parents are a combination of controlling and permissive, vacillating between two extremes but not being consistent. Positive Discipline parents are neither. They practice firmness coupled with kindness. Which of the following styles View Post

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Young student studying homework

Learning self-regulation helps kids stay focused in the classroom and beyond. Here are some easy ways to cultivate your child’s ability to self-regulate.     Don’t forget the basics – plenty of sleep and healthy food. Being tired and hungry are stressors, and self-regulation suffers when children are stressed. Limit video-game playing, especially close to View Post

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‘8 Building Blocks to Good Communication’


Instead of nagging… notice “I see someone still in their pajamas.” “The bathroom light’s on.” Give information “It’s 5 minutes to breakfast.” “The weather report is calling for rain today.” Pose a Question “Is there anything you have left to do before we go?” “Ok, you forgot your book. How do you want to handle View Post

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